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Let’s Get To Work!



As I sit in my living room avoiding doing my homework and studying, I can’t help up daydream about all the things I want to accomplish next year (I’ll do almost anything when I’m avoiding schoolwork. Haha). More traveling, heftier savings, grander goals.  I want to see it all manifest next year. 2016 has been good to me, but I am really trying to level up next year. October 1st marked the start of the fourth quarter of the year, and it was then I realized it was time to get to work. It will be very hard to accomplish my 2017 goals if I do not start preparing now.  What’s that saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? So I have come up with some plans/ideas for myself to assist  with more efficient planning for next year so I can hit the ground running.Continue reading

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My First Photo Shoot! Tips & Tricks

My First PhotoshootTwo weeks ago, I had my first photo shoot! For someone who just cannot seem to take a great picture and never knows what to do with her body in pictures, I had about 587 pictures taken of me. Continue reading

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Breaking Out on Your Own

 The freedom in Breaking Up 

Standing Alone

There are times when your life will inevitably change. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worst. We will grow older (despite all the anti-aging products and gadgets to keep us looking young), we will gain and lose friendships and jobs, and we will fall in and out of love. If we will just keep living, we will experience all the emotions life has to offer. And if you are strong and resilient enough, you will go through (keyword is through) all of life’s bouts and come out on the other side stronger than you were at the beginning. Or at least, that is the hope.

Recently, I ended a 6 year relationship. It was something I never thought I had the huevos to do.Continue reading


Rare Moments

February 29th only comes around every 4 years. If you’re  lucky/blessed enough, you are able to encounter more than one of these in your lifetime. This day should remind us that rare moments in time should be treasured and that we should make the most out of everyday, not just during a leap year. I hope you made the most of your February 29th. I’ll check back in 4 years to see how you’re living.



xoxo, Panda

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Open Letter…


Nothing stuns me more than seeing a minivan driver speed up behind me at warp speed only to zoom off into the distance because, alas, I am driving too slowly. Continue reading

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Open Letter…


-_- Have you ever heard that everything in LA is only about 20 minutes away from the Downtown area? LIES! ALL LIES!Continue reading

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Mistakes in the Workplace

Mistakes at work


Messing up at work can feel like the end of the world. Honestly. Depending on the job, you spend between 8-12 hours with these people 5 days a week. It can take a long time to live down mistakes you have made, especially large ones. The key is learning from your mistake, owning up to it, and making sure that it doesn’t happen again by putting in place measures that will help you later on. Today, I made a mistake at work. Well technically before I even got to work. I THOUGHT I had scheduled myself for tomorrow, but I wrote in the incorrect date and was called by staffing to see why I wasn’t at work! GASP! This is my first work on my own without a preceptor, and I’m already messing up. The wave of embarrassment washed over me like you would not believe. I profusely apologized and told her how I couldn’t believe I had made such a mistake. The women on the other end of the phone told me it was OK and that they would just move me to tomorrow’s schedule. When we hung up, I felt like the biggest idiot this side of the Mississippi. How could I have made such a mistake? I’m too grown for such mistakes. I’m supposed to be a professional. I bet my other colleagues would never make such a mistake. I began to beat myself up. Truth is, as I write this, I am still royally upset with myself. After some consoling from my BF and brief tears (I’m a very emotional person), I realized a few things (thanks to the BF).

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DIY & Videos

I’m a YouTube Partner!


So, I finally took the plunge and uploaded a video. I am officially a YouTube Partner. How official does that sound?! I’ve been saying I’m going to create content for what seems like FOREVER, and I finally did it.  Check out my DIY & Videos page to catch me in action!

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Let Freedom Ring- Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Today, we have a guest blogger. One of my dearest friends, Miss Lasondra Wilson of Yellowcake Bakery. She had the amazing opportunity to attend the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. It only seemed fitting to have her recollect her experience there on this day where we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hope that we can use this day as more than just an extra day off, but to really think about how we can make this world a truly better and more equal place for all people. Read about her experience after the jump and enjoy!

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