Spring and summer time host some of the best music festivals, leaving those of us who missed out without memories of flower crowns and flash tattoos. Who doesn’t love music? Nobody! That should be the answer that we hear. Music speaks to and for our souls. There is music for any atmosphere, any mood, and any occasion. If you’re like me, you didn’t get a chance to go to Coachella or SXSW or Stagecoach because, frankly, you didn’t know when it was. I never think about music festivals UNTIL the pricing has quadrupled and it’s too late to find lodging. I’m usually so caught up with LIFE that I miss out on these experiences that would change our lives. I decided that I would no longer be a victim to my hectic schedule and student like funds. I have come across what seems to be the ultimate guide to worldwide music festivals. And let me just say, it’s amaze balls. These festivals are made up of music, art installations, and international foods. Below is a list of my top 7 west coast (the best coast!) post summer music festivals. Just because the summer is over does not mean that we can’t rock out!

1. Nocturnal Wonderland 20th Anniversary






Where: San Bernardino, CA
When: September 4- 6, 2016
How much: $239

This festival has been going on for 20 years strong, leading it to gain the notoriety it deserves. It caters to the electronic music lover, but anyone who loves a good time with danceable beats will enjoy.

Some of the artists you can expect to see include: David Guetta, Kaskade, French Montana, Afrojack, and Flosstradamus. So get your glow sticks and Wet Ones (camping is available at the festival site). It’s going to be one sweaty good time!

2. Bumbershoot 2015


Where: Seattle, WA
When: September 5-7, 2016
How much: $79-$750

Bumbershoot is 45 years old, but you wouldn’t know by how it still moves and shakes to the beat! I can appreciate the diversity this festival provides. Artists like The Weeknd, one of my personal favorites Jhene Aiko, Chance the Rapper, Dead Moon, Ellie Goulding, Zedd, and Hozier (Whew! What a line up already) will grace stages over the course of 3 days. If you need a break from the music, and I couldn’t imagine you can tear yourself away, there will be comedy, film, theatre, dance performance, visual arts, and more! There is no camping with this festival, so after a long day of artistic indulgence, you can go back to your hotel for a hot shower and pillow top goodness!

3. Symbiosis Gathering 2015


Where: Oakdale, CA
When: September 17-20, 2015
How much: No price yet. Sign up on the website for early bird deals and info

Now, this is the type of festival I would want to be a part of if I really wanted to get in touch with my inner woman. From information on their website, this festival is a social experiment founded on the five R’s of ecological living (cue Captain Planet theme music): Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Respect, and Restore. Participants and coordinators alike strive to create a green gathering in every possible way. I can get with that! In addition to the music side (no line up listed yet), but you can join in on swimming in the local lake, doing the downward dog and warrior one in a yoga class, uplifting your spirit with transcendental speakers, workshops, and more. What better way to become one with nature than camping under the stars? Symbiosis is so cool; they even have a partnership with NASA. Now that’s out of this world (always have at least one cheesy joke peeps!).

4. KAABOO 2015


Where: Del Mar (San Diego), CA
When: September 18-20, 2015
How much: $279- $9755

Music: No Doubt. The Killers. Counting Crows. Snoop Dogg. The Roots. Los Lobos.
Comedy: Lewis Black. Chris D’elia. Jeff Garlin.
Public Art installations, food that tickles the taste buds, hand crafted beverages, dancing.
Location: Beautiful, almost always sunny San Diego…

…I don’t have anything else to say but where is my credit card. I need tickets!

5. Summer Ends Music Festival

Summer Ends

Where: Tempe, AZ
When: September 24-27, 2015
How much: $54.50

What caught my eye about this festival, other than the artist card, is the price tag. For $54.50 per ticket per day, you can see as many or as few artists as you can fit in. Want to see Cold War Kids on Thursday, J. Cole on Saturday and completely skip over Friday, you have the power! The artist line up for September 27th is still in the works, but with a line up like this, I doubt they will disappoint. Camping is not available on the Tempe beach waterfront, so get your accommodations soon.

6. Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival

Life is beautiful

Where: Downtown Las Vegas, NV
When: September 25-27, 2015
How much: $255-$2,495

Stevie Wonder and Kendrick Lamar…in Las Vegas. I honestly don’t think I should have to tell you about the rest…but I will in case you’re not sold already.

You see some epic bands and artists, you can drink in the streets, and there are enough pools to lie by than you physically are able to handle. This sounds like what my day is going to look like, because I plan on attending myself. If pool lounging is not your thing, this gathering offers a multitude of offerings to quench any artistic thirst. There will be artists from around the world creating art installations during the festival. On top of that, there will be more food than you have stomachs for- from celebrity chefs to local eateries, you can find something to make your mouth water. Let’s just say you’re in a relationship with your complete opposite. They don’t like music. They would rather be watching TED talks on YouTube or reading Stephen Hawkins. The Learning Series is for them. Speakers including business leaders, activists, technologists, and social innovators will share their journeys and help you while you are on yours.

7. Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin City Limits

Where: Austin, TX
When: October 2-4 and October 9-11, 2015
How much: $100-$250

Austin City Limits gets major cool points for being a festival for an area for the kiddos. Start them young I say! There are baby changing stations for goodness sake. Being a full time parent doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. You have the option of purchasing single day and/or weekend passes depending on the weekend you can go. There is an Art Market with local vendors that can sell you probably just about anything you didn’t know you needed. Throughout the weekend, there will be opportunities to win free stuff (everything is better when it’s free) and participate in different sponsored activities. Some of the performers are: Drake, Foo Fighters, Florence + The Machine, Drake, Deadmau5, Billy Idol, Jidenna, Drake (I hope you see a trend here), A$AP Rocky, Hozier, and a wonderful tribe to Andrae Crouch. There are gluten-free and vegetarian options with a beer garden and chef spotlights. So eat, drink, and be merry. And find a hotel, there isn’t camping at this festival.

So there it is! My top 7 post summer music festivals. No one said that the fun needs to be pigeon holed to the summer. Memories can be made all year round and I plan to partake in a festival or three. If you attend any of these festivals, tweet me at @hellopandaLA or tag me on the ‘gram at wellhellopanda. I know I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!

xoxo, Panda