On Tuesday, September 15, I got to go to a free concert for one of my new favorite artists- Jhene Aiko.

She tweeted out a very vague tweet last week with a link to a site for email subscription to Aiko in Wanderland. After you did that, nothing. I had to wait for further instruction. That was slight torture to say the least. What was she going to do? What did I sign up for? It’s like when you are downloading ANYTHING, or paying your bills and you just click through the term and agreements to get to the end result. Just signing our lives away. I digress. Well Tuesday came and there it was in my inbox- the address and time for what I assumed was a concert. I was too excited! Then hours later, another email. This one though made me smudge my newly done nails with no remorse- a meet and greet for the first 50 people in line. I was in my car 5 minutes later.

I arrived at the location, found a great parking space (signs that things would be favorable in my book) and walked to the venue. YES! I am one of the first 50 people. I brought a book to read, I chopped it up with the people around me in line, and then came time for us to get our wristbands. What would I say to Jhene? How would I capture her attention so that we would be having lunch on Thursday? Alas, I did not get my chance. The security personnel got about 4 people ahead of me and stopped giving out meet and greet wristbands? Waaaa?! Well, people were holding places in line for their friends, so what started as only 30-35 people in front of me clearly grew. I was irritated to say the least. I messed up my nails to get there early. I stood out on the streets of Downtown LA for more hours than I needed to so I could meet Jhene. I griped a little, but entered the venue still thankful about the free performance.


Then it happened…the door opened, people started to scream- Jhene walked right passed the crowd inside the venue ON HER WAY to the people who had meet and greet privileges. Oh the joy! The girls who were standing in front of me (who were just as upset about the recent events) were all smiles and we shared an exchange of laughs at how we still got to see her. The doors opened and I made my way to the seats. The venue was small, but very cool and well designed. I was 4 rows from the front. I sat right behind her mom, sister Mila J, best friend Chrissy, her brother, and precious daughter Nami. This evening just kept getting better. It said on the flyer it was very limited capacity, and then I thought to myself, “Where are the people who went to the meet and greet gonna sit?” I soon got my answer. They were first told to stand against the walls; then told to stand in the back. I couldn’t help but smile and giggle to myself. That could have been me. I got to see Jhene, maybe not the way I wanted, but I saw her. I have a seat to be comfortable in, and don’t have to continue to stand for another couple of hours. I got out my seat and went over the girls who were standing in front of me. We laughed together and one of the girls said, “I’m not even salty!”

The concert was great! She sang some of my favorites, she was genuine, and made jokes. She even played a new single that I need to find and buy like NOW! At the very end, we were supposed to get a photo opp with her, but that didn’t pan out. When I got to my car, I just smiled. I got to experience something magical and I am couldn’t be happier. It’s times like that I’m extra grateful for all this free time. Thanks Twitter for hooking it up! I would have never known about this without you. ‘Preciate cha!



Tell me about a time you lucked up on some awesome experience. I wanna hear all the deets!


xoxo, Panda