Or really I should say those that smoke in their cars while driving and decide that I have to smoke too. Yes, I mean those persons who hang their cigarettes out of their window on the freeway and make the decision that I get to share in the experience of their light up. I DO NOT want to smell your cigarette smoke while on the freeway- especially in LA traffic. C’mon! The smoke creeps through MY open window, invading my nose, irritating my soul. Let me tell you something, my grandparents used to smoke. And I used to avoid the smoke cloud with every fiber of my being. So this disdain, oh it didn’t just begin. I’m an OG cigarette smoke hater.

So this open letter is for the people who think it’s OK to hang your cigarette out of the window and force me to roll my window up to avoid the smell. Most of the time they are barely even smoking it. Just letting it burn for all to enjoy -_- Be the weather hot, cold, windy..doesn’t matter. My windows are usually down, even a little bit. Having that smell creep, creep, creep into my car just rubs me the wrong way. You know what I think should happen? I think people who choose to smoke in their cars should have to roll up THEIR windows and shut all that smoke in. I didn’t choose to pick up that habit, so I shouldn’t be made to share in the experience. So how about you roll up your windows and inhale all that smoke YOUR cigarettes are creating? Just envelope yourself with it like a thick, cozy blanket. Go on, do it. I know I would appreciate it. You’ll be doing us both a favor.


Do you have any pet peeves that just make you want to write an open letter? Share them down below. It’ll make you feel better, I promise.


xoxo, Panda