As I sit in my living room avoiding doing my homework and studying, I can’t help up daydream about all the things I want to accomplish next year (I’ll do almost anything when I’m avoiding schoolwork. Haha). More traveling, heftier savings, grander goals.  I want to see it all manifest next year. 2016 has been good to me, but I am really trying to level up next year. October 1st marked the start of the fourth quarter of the year, and it was then I realized it was time to get to work. It will be very hard to accomplish my 2017 goals if I do not start preparing now.  What’s that saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? So I have come up with some plans/ideas for myself to assist  with more efficient planning for next year so I can hit the ground running.

  1. Map it out.

I am going to break the year up into quarters. That way, I know what I am focusing on and what I need to do to prepare for those items. We have all done vision boards and the themes are pretty general or apply to a yearly goal. In 2015, I did a vision board broken up into quarters, with different themes and goals for the 3-month cluster. By the end of the year, I was able to see I had accomplished almost all my goals. I think each season, each quarter builds on one another. There is a nature progression. Splitting them up and narrowing the focus helps you do just that, focus.

  1. Clean house

Literally and figuratively. Anything that is no longer growing me, benefiting me, or uplifting me must leave. I need to clean house- relationships, mindsets, and habits. Beginning to make space for the new ideas that will come from this intentional preparation will be worth the purge. Making sure I am emotionally and mentally ready to take on whatever comes at me to accomplish my goals is key (major key). My space must be able to house the change that will take place. Clearing out old clothes, furniture, items that are taking up space not only makes room for the new but declutters the space for clarity. There will now be room to work and grow and create.

  1. Accountability

We were not made to go through life alone. Hooking up with someone who gets the vision is essential. They can keep me on track with prep work and the process . That is majorly beneficial. I need someone who will lovingly nudge me back in line.

So, let’s get started. I hope that you can implement some of my personal tips and prepare for 2017 with me! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store. But until then, I’m going to maximize the rest of 2016 with my eyes on the prize.


What are some of your 2017 goals? How are you already preparing for them? Share in a comment below.


xoxo, Panda