Here we are again. October 1, 2017. The beginning of Q4. The last quarter of 2017. To say that time is FLYING by seems irrelevant now. That just seems to be what time by with no regard to what I have planned or want to do. So much has happened since my last blog post (a year ago- I know), and I won’t get into all the shenanigans I have been in throughout this year (let’s just say A LOT of travel and a pinch of heartbreak). I realized that though there are a lot of changes, one thing remains constant – my desire to be creative. This does not always equate to consistency and follow through on my part. I cannot make this blog or brand what it could be if I’m not consistent. I have many stories and lessons to share, so look out for more CONSISTENT content.


How do you stay consistent? What are some tricks you use to stay on track? Share them in the comments below.


Xoxo, Panda


PS: I have exciting news to share tomorrow! Can’t wait to share!