Almost a month ago, Scrubs Magazine did an online search for new material for their online platform. I was a little nervous to even send anything, but I realized that I needed to just shoot my shot. The worst thing that could happen would be that they don’t pick my piece and no one sees it on their site. So, sent my submission into the magazine. The title? 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Nursing Career. Well,  two weeks ago Scrubs Magazine emailed me back and told me that my article would be going LIVE October 2nd! I could not be more excited!!! I really wanted this and am blessed to have this opportunity to share my thoughts on nursing with my colleagues. Please go check out the link below for the article and share your thoughts with me there!

I am super motivated to continue to share my creative gift with others, be it about nursing or my other passions. Thank you to Scrubs Magazine for choosing my article and giving me an opportunity.

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xoxo, Panda