I remember when I longed to just read for pleasure when I was in school. Then I remember when I was so turned off from reading so much in school, I vowed to never pick up a book again once it was over. This guide is not for people like me. This guide is for people who take their book on vacation and read on the beach. A good night consists of a book and a glass of wine. Those who prefer books over people deserve great gifts too. Use this guide to be added to the list of people they like outside of created characters.

Gifting just got easier! The links below will send you directly to the merch itself or a narrowed down list of the item listed. Get ready to be the best gift giver this season!

  1. Twerk a Book tote
  2. Audible
  3. Knowledge is Power tee
  4. Kindle Fire HD 8 with Alexa
  5. We Were in Power for Eight Years
  6. Book light


xoxo, Panda