Listen. DIY is life. Well, at least my life. It is very satisfying creating something with my hands. I am sure we all have a friend that says, “I can make that for WAY less,” once a week. Bulk up their supply closet with the necessities. Every good craftsman needs good tools. This gift guide will guarantee they help you with every diy project you end up tackling. I’m sure of it.

Gifting just got easier! The links below will send you directly to the merch itself or a narrowed down list of the item listed. Get ready to be the best gift giver this season!

  1. Liquid leaf paint
  2. Cutting mat
  3. Scissor sets
  4. X-acto knife
  5. Pompom maker
  6. Silhouette
  7. Bonus: Another machine for variety that is just as great- Cricut
  8. Craftsy
  9. Black & Decker tool set