In addition to Thanksgiving dinner, you are probably invited to a few Friendsgivings celebrations. These gatherings can usually be a little more fun and lighthearted. No explaining to your family why your still single or why you haven’t upgraded your entire life yet. Most Friendsgivings are potluck style and unless you are great in the kitchen, it can be hard to know what to bring. Here is a quick list of items that can be easily made or fairly inexpensive to buy.

1. Side dishes galore

I’m not talking about the staples, unless you are confident in your mac and cheese skills. Brussel sprouts, green beans, sautéed spinach are all great options and don’t cost a lot to make. With so many savory dishes shared this season, it’s a nice way to incorporate a healthy option into the mix.

2. Beverages

This is always a good choice to bring. You can bring flavored water, wine, or sparkling juice. People are going to be parched from all that eating. And you can be the person equipped to quench that thirst. Look at you being all helpful and stuff.

3. Appetizers

There will be some time before dinner is served and guests are going to need something to snack on. This is where you come in. Fruit and vegetable platters are prepackaged and easily found at your local grocery store. What about cheese and crackers? You can show how fancy you are by picking up some artisan cheese in the deli section of the grocery store. Arrange it all on a wooden cutting board and score major points for presentation.


4. Clean-up crew

Arriving empty-handed? Offer to help clean up. Everyone can use a helping hand.


So that’s it! Any one of these options are guaranteed to be a winner. Nothing like sharing great food with the family you chose. 

Have any more tips for how to be a great guest during this holiday season? Share in the comments below.


xoxo, Panda