February has the honor of being crowned Black History Month. A time for people of color to celebrate all the wonderful contributions made to the world through our very existence. We have overcome and prospered in the face of adversity and many hurdles towards building a legacy of our own. I wanted to start highlighting some black own businesses that not only provide quality products, but are shining examples of our inherit tenacious and enterprising spirit.

Yum Yellow Cake

My first spotlight will be on the owner of Yellowcake Desserts, Lasondra Wilson. She is a California native, residing in Concord, CA by way of southern CA. She has taken her passion for food and turned it into a budding bakery that offers out of this world flavor combinations with quality you can taste.

Read her interview below to get to know this business owner, then place your order! And while you’re at it, leave a comment below wishing her a happy birthday. She’s a Valentine’s Day baby, so she gets twice the love!

1. How did you get your start? What prompted you to start this business?

I started my business after “starting” several other creative endeavors that I didn’t stick to. I’ve always loved to cook and bake. People have always commented positively on the things I make. After not being passionate enough to pursue my card making business and event planning business, this was the next business I decided to try. It has not only been the one that has stuck, but I’ve already had early success and I love what I do!

2. How did you stay motivated during the beginning stages of the business building process?

Honestly, it was the feedback of others that kept me going. I wasn’t confident in my skills, but every time someone said how good my cake was it inspired me to keep going and that I really could do this.

3. How do you keep going and persevere through the hard days with your business?

Similar to above, the feedback of others. But now that I’m in the midst of running my business; God, the joy of
baking, the determination I have to succeed, and the knowledge of knowing that I am great at what I do!

4. What do you find most enjoyable about running your business? What are you still struggling with?

Enjoyable: seeing people’s faces when they taste one of my cakes. The expressions are priceless and it reminds why I love food so much- it’s an experience.

Struggle: book-keeping, learning the nuances/ins and outs of business and the baking/restaurant industry. There is so much to learn and trying to keep up with everything is hard.

5. Did you see a gap in the industry that prompted you to pursue this business idea?

No. I saw more gaps in the industry once I started to familiarize myself with the industry.

6. Biggest accomplishment to date?

Cupcakes for the Black Bourbon Society Launch party, cupcakes for the KBLX Taste of Soul, and my first wedding!

7. Most not so savory business blunder. What lesson did you learn?

When I first started my business I tried to mail cupcakes. I had very little knowledge about shipping and about the science of cupcakes (freshness, etc.). I used FedEx. The cupcakes were wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap and padding to Los Angeles. They didn’t make it. I got word from the customer and a friend that they were overturned and completely messed up when they were delivered. I felt horrible. Needless to say I don’t ship cupcakes. I learned not to ship cupcakes, to own your mistakes and confront them head on, and to not let each mistake define you but rather take the lesson and apply it so you are investing in your future success.

8. How do you hope your company will help impact the community?

I want to bring back the art of cooking and homemaking. We rely heavily on technology and convenience. I love those things but I love homemaking. Cooking a great meal, bringing people together and simply fellowship with people. There is nothing better that having fellowship with people. There is nothing better than the love and joy that people can share when they are brought together. With that in mind, I want to host classes and events that serve this purpose and teach others how to do this and enjoy this type of experience in their own home. Not just for adults, but for kids too. I also want to begin to feed hungry and low-income people. Food is such a necessity and it’s shame that there are so many without it.

9. Advice for new, aspiring, and struggling business owners.

Just keep going and don’t worry about perfection. Nothing will ever be completely perfect but you don’t need perfection to be great. And pray over every. single. part of your business.

10. Tips for putting your business out there and overcoming fear.

Do it. Every time you feel scared of mentioning your business or promoting yourself or even trying something new related to your business, do the exact thing you are afraid of.

11. Where do you see your business in 2018? And beyond?

In 2018, the plan is to build a strong presence and customer base as well as save lots of money as I prepare to open a brick and mortar location. Also fleshing out some of the other ideas I have, such as new desserts and classes.

12. Shamelessly promote yourself! Tell us why we shouldn’t go another day without your desserts.

These are simply the best cupcakes! The majority of my ingredients are organic and I use as many local products as I can. I pride myself on having moist cupcakes that have amazing flavor. Additionally, I’m always coming up with new flavors and I’m not afraid to take your ideas and turn them into cupcakes. Each cake is made not only with physical ingredients but also love, prayer, and music.

I know your mouth is watering thinking about cupcakes and cookies. You can find Lasondra and place an order by following her at any (or all) of her social media handles.

IG: @yumyellowcake
Email: yumyellowcake@gmail.com
Facebook: Yellowcake Desserts


xoxo, Panda