Have you ever just looked around your apartment or home and just felt blah? Now, of course you’re thankful to even have a place to live, but you just aren’t excited about your home life at the moment. Now that spring has sprung, the décor could use an update, but you don’t really have the funds. You actually need more space, but again, funds are scarce. I am in the same rut at this moment, BUT I came up with five ways to revive your space without spending tons of dinero. Some of these you can implement as soon as you’re done reading this post…but only after you read this post, HA!

1. Buy fresh flowers or small plants.

Nothing like bringing actual life into your space for a refresh. Now, I have the ultimate black thumb (I kill succulents), but fresh flowers from the LA Flower Mart or even your local florist can really awaken your space. I currently have been able to keep four plants alive and I feel quite proud. They add something special to my kitchen and bedroom. They release oxygen into the air, helping you breathe easier and healthier. We’re all about that, right?

2. Buy cleaning or personal hygiene products that you’ll enjoy.

I normally just buy whatever bar soap that is on sale, usually Dove White Soap (my gynecologist suggested that, but we won’t be using Dove anymore, hmph). The same goes for cleaning supplies. There are some products that I will buy more regularly, but I have no real brand loyalty. That was until I tried J.R. Watkins brand. I love how fresh smelling the all-purpose cleaner leaves my apartment, and I can use it in multiple rooms. It makes me feel good knowing my cleaning my products with less chemicals and supporting a great brand. Also, Amazon sells the cleaner in multiples, so I won’t have to worry about running out any time soon. I recently tried Raw Sugar bar soap after seeing it at my friend’s house and was instantly hooked just by the scent. I forewent my usual 6 bars of soap for the two deliciously fragrant bars at my local Target and am glad I did. The lemon sugar scent leaves my skin and shower smelling edible. Raw Sugar uses ColdPress Technology to make its natural plant-based blend. An added bonus is the product does not contain sulfates, parabens, or dyes. It is infused with some yummy certified organic extracts though. Did I mention that their products are made in California? Have to support my home state products. Even better, for every Raw Sugar product purchased, they give a soap bar to a family in need. Couldn’t get any better than that. I also invested in a few bottles of my new favorite fragrance from Urban Outfitters. The Matcha is the fresh, citrus scent that I have been looking for. One… to five sprays of this before I walk out of the door and I feel like I can sway anyone to my side with just one wiff. I stock up each time I’m running low.

3. Elevate you snack and beverage game.

So what if you can only afford popcorn? Make it kettle corn…or Popcornopolis! Put it in that one pretty serving bowl you have and voila! Snack time overhauled. I have found that Big Lots, yes Big Lots, has wide array of snacks for a decent price. Places like Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Big Lots, 99 cent store, and Grocery Store Outlet can even carry a lot of great beverage options. I recently found Diama brand processco in the 99 cent store for $4.99 per bottle. I bought 6. You’re judgement has no effect on me. Buy some inexpensive lemonade or sparkling water and add some fresh fruit or lemon to it. Presentation is everything, and you deserve it.

4. Break out the fancy dishware and glassware.

Speaking of nice culinary presentation, why not break out those nice dishes and glasses you only use for company. You bought them, you should use them. They will make you feel like you’re having a private dinner party. If you’re anything like me, you use your dining room table as extra storage. Clear off the table, sit down with your dinner, and eat. What a novel idea! The sheer act of sitting at the table instead of sloughing on the couch will elevate any dining experience; even if you just transferred the food contents from a Styrofoam container.

5. Change you bedding.

Now, you’re already going to change the sheets anyway, but why not add a couple extra throw pillows on that bad boy to upgrade the visual appeal. Go to your local discount store and find some new sheets or duvet to bring a different vibe to your bedroom. You do own a duvet don’t you? Bed, Bath, & Beyond always has a 20% off coupon. Ross, Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Burlington Coat Factory…you see where I’m going here? The feeling new sheets invoke is undeniable. You’ll think you’ve checked into a hotel, without the mint on your pillow.


So, those are my inexpensive tips on how to refresh your home without breaking the bank. How do you upgrade your home vibe without draining your accounts? Share in the comments below. I look forward to reading your answers.



xoxo, Panda