Living your best life has become more of just a saying now in popular culture. It’s like “you don’t want no scrubs”. But how many of us really know what living our best life entails and looks like outside the curated feeds on Instagram and YouTube? You really don’t. If you’re honest, you’re sort of like me- trying to figure out how to adult with minimal knowledge. I’ve mentioned another key culture buzz word- adult. To adult, adulting…it’s all the same. I barely know how to do it.
I finally put in the work to complete a career goal. I finished my masters program for nursing. The question that looms over my head now is, now what? Nursing is my current career, but I am not just a nurse. Someone recently said something to me that really altered the way I looked at my life. I am a creative person who just happens to also be a nurse. I am not a nurse who has a creative side. I am inherently creative. I am a 33 year old woman who still struggles with her finances, but can pay her own bills. I am a young woman who travels, but has been known to overextend herself. I can cook enough to not starve, but that southern cooking my Granny can do is lost on me. I am not a hoarder per se, but I love to keep things around just in case I can use them for a craft or DIY project later on. It took until I was done with school and starting my career that I realized there was so much more I wanted to do and accomplish with my life. I have always been creative and now was the time to explore that. I have a passion for lifestyle content and diy. I also think I can do more outside of the hospital than inside. That’s not to say that the nursing aspect of my life isn’t important. It’s apart of what makes me me. I am coming to realize that my role as a nurse is slightly different than so many nurses on social media. My passion within nursing is attached to what nurses do outside the hospital; how they maximize their lives within this newfound flexibility and diversity built into the profession. Also, patient advocacy and education. Too many of my patients just aren’t as prepared as they should be when they enter my unit, and I usually become the person who educates them on all aspects of their procedure. I truly enjoy that portion of my job. It helps reduce anxiety and places some power back in the patient’s court.
With so much going on, one would think it would be difficult to brand. I think I have it figured out. I’m the everyday thirty something woman of color. The generation before us paved ways for us to have and do better. I want to live a more comfortable life, rising above the next generation. I want to be a boss babe and domestic dynamo. I want to be passport stamp heavy, as well as financially savvy and stable. I want to make a mark in my career and help make the market better. Our parents were too busy surviving and ensuring we had better opportunities, that making sure we were all together well rounded took a back seat. There were skills they lacked, so how could they gift us with unknown wisdom? My platform will showcase my journey through adulthood, one (mis)step at a time. Progress over perfection. Come along for the journey as I learn to cook, clean, save, spend, invest, travel better, make the most out of my career, open businesses, and live my best life- you know, adult.


xoxo, Panda



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