To create a safe space for women of color to come together, examine their lives, and leave more equipped to create an extraordinary existence for themselves, their families, and society.


Encourage women of color to create and live the life they want and are created to live. Gain a voice, refine a vision, fortify purpose , strengthen sisterhood and support.


This weekend getaway will consist of group discussions,’ girls night out’ bonding time within the location city, communal meals, a fitness class, and hopefully new friendships. We will discuss topics such as finances; beauty and self-image; goals and dreams; and self-care and mental health. These topics do not just exist among women of color, but we do deal with them in a unique fashion. So we are going to talk about it, and come out on the other side stronger and better prepared for the world than when we started.

Please join us for an amazing weekend that I know will be life-changing!

Individual invitations have been sent out. Updates on the event will be sent to all individuals who RSVP.

See you in January!


xoxo, Panda