HomeWERK! eBook


12 Recipes and home decor tips to help make you a domestic badass!

Also includes a shopping worksheet to keep you on track.




We have all been there. Sitting in our homes, eating food on the couch out of a take out container because dinner wasn’t a thought until about 5:00pm and everything is frozen. Or sitting on said couch looking at a blank, undecorated wall because you just have no idea where to start and it seems overwhelming. Or realizing you can never find your keys or bag or headphones because nothing really has a home.

We can totally related. Hectic days with the busyness of life leaves us with very little energy to come home and live with purpose in the space.  Dining room tables that end up doubling as secondary storage deter us from actually sitting down to enjoy meals alone or with family. Your home feels disjointed. We see cute items for sale and buy them to fix certain organization and style issues in the house, but there is no common theme within those items. We end up purchasing more items we don’t need because we have not done the work of figuring out 1) our style and 2) how we want our home to operate for maximum comfort and efficiency.

No one understands these plights more than us! Experience is the best teacher. We have transitioned from living with our parents to dorms; with roommates; and significant others. Each season has taught us lessons about how to live a better home life. Couple that with passion for food and DIY home goods, and we have built a wealth of knowledge that we want to share with others who have similar struggles.

In this 35 letter sized page eBook, you will receive:

  • An extensive seasonal fruit and vegetable list
  • A dinner, drink, AND dessert recipe for each season, 12 in total!
  • A kitchen supply check off list
  • Home décor and decorating tips for every room in your house

This eBook also includes a shopping plan worksheet so you can make a list of the items you need and stay on track!

We understand the excitement of cooking a great meal, and it’s even more enjoyable in a well curated space! Our tips will help you do that and be well on the road to become a domestic badass!




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